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sábado, abril 19, 2008

THE INHUMAN PROJECT - The InHuman Project EP (PTDM009)

Jay Sosa, com seu InHuman Project, mixa referências tão livres quanto: trilhas sonoras "sintetizadas", o lado mais experimental da música industrial, breakbeats/downtempo anos 90, batidas/ ruídos e efeitos fracionados e polifônicos das cenas IDM/ Noise, rock'n'roll crossover eletrônico e mesmo o electrotechno dos 00s.

É mais um lançamento no selo que não se prende a um único período ou estilo musical; ao contrário, vem reforçar a cara "para ouvir e algo mais" da psicotropicodelia, apresentando diferentes idéias a cada faixa.

O videoclipe da "Nihilist 1978', feito pelo próprio Jay, vem como bônus e só reforça o impacto da música: sintetizadores "trilhescos", groove de peso e texturas sonoras que grudam nas idéias ;].


Surgido em meados de 2004, The InHuman Project é o resultado de muito Hash, Doritos e filmes B.
The InHuman Project 2008(EP) sai depois de um ano de sua pre-finalização, trazendo um som eletrônico bem diversificado com muita influência de trip-hop, breakbeats, electro e industrial.
Para fãs de Aphex a NIN passando por Portishead e ATR.

::: eNgLisH :::

Jay Sosa, with his InHuman Project, mixes references as diverse as: synth-driven soundtracks, the most experimental side of industrial music, 90s breakbeats/downtempo, fractured n' multilayered beats/ noises and fx's from IDM/ Noise scenes, electronic crossover rock'n'roll and even the current 00s electrotechno.

Its one more release at the label that doesn't rely on a single music era/ style; in contrast, it comes to reinforce the "for listening and something else" essence of the psicotropicodelia, presenting different ideas from one track to another.

The video for "Nihilist 1978", done by Jay himself, comes as a bonus and brings more impact to this great track: "carpentesque" synths, a strong groove and sonic textures which get glued to the braincells ;].


Created by mid-2004, The InHuman Project is the result of lots of hash, nacho snacks and B movies.
The InHuman Project 2008(EP) is out after one year of pre-finalization, bringing a really diverse electronic sound influenced by trip-hop, breakbeats, electro and industrial.
For Aphex to NIN fans, going through Portishead and ATR.


Duração Total (TOTAL TIME): 20 min 03 sec

  • Arte Gráfica Por (Artwork By) & Masterização Por (Master By) - Jay Sosa

  • 6 comentários:

    Joey Faizal disse...

    Not bad at all. Very easy to get into it. I especially love Burst into flames, Hell's Dilinger and Nihilist 1978. Keep up the good work and most of all keep em coming.

    Subtronik disse...

    I like that you give away your music for free. I do the same, regardless of how it sounds, I'll never charge. The world needs more free music.

    edit: I really like the video track 'Nihilist 1978', a good production overall. Will listen to the EP and comment later.

    edit2: These tracks are better than the evil clown music you posted before.

    I like 'Kocaine' the most. Some of these tracks sound a little amateur at times though.

    Andrew (Australia) disse...

    catchy stuff

    Simon P. (Xudux) disse...

    easy, just checkin the inhuman project, cool tunes.

    big up the psicotropicodelia heads

    phobicsinner [california, USA] disse...

    This is intoxicating...I want some more

    Wayne Elliott aka WEBmadman [Peterborough ( ON ) - Canada] disse...

    Darkly intelligent with a good sense of humour
    7 out of 10

    Nice and noizy from the start, but enough tunefulness to hold it together- very tasty album.

    In the "sounds like" category, they put me in mind of NiN, Skinny Puppy and Aphex Twin- my only criticism would be the lack of vocals- there is use of sound clips from B movies, but I do like lyrics, which this doesn't have- not the end of the world, just sounds like that on occasion ;-)