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sábado, dezembro 19, 2009

Razxca - SecktumSepra EP (Psicotropicodelia Music, PTDM024)

Número do Catálogo (Catalog #): PTDM024
Formato (Format): MP3, Album, 160 kbps
Local (Origin): Rússia (Russia)
Data de Lançamento (Released): 21/ 12/ 2009
Gênero (Genre): Electronic
Estilos (Styles): Illbient, Abstract, Noise, Hardcore, Experimental


2 comentários:

A GB Romantic disse...

Hit and Run, or the Fleeting Touch of Ghost Music.
9 out of 10

Something not popular, at last.Rather elitist and thus exposed to criticism, which won't be scarce and will raise the inner temperature of the work, making it less unpopular.Perfect as a polished soundtrack delivered ready for use but - must always Music be the handmaiden of Video?As an enticement for sadists to download his album, can we suggest to adjourn dentists waiting rooms playlists with it?
It's worth a try.

Yashka Simon [Russia] disse...

10 out of 10